MiddleMan.co - A fully working SWAPD clone + Mobile App

Domain name: MiddleMan.co
Website included?: Yes
Price: Best offer

I don’t really want to sell this, it’s a personal project that is a year behind due to lack of time. Long story short, this is a 1 to 1 copy of SWAPD, the only difference is that the marketplace isn’t on the index. It includes every single customization we’ve created for SWAPD, which includes 16 custom plugins and iOS/Android app. While the iOS/Android is open source (believe it or not), we’ve personally spent thousands supporting the further work of the project. In total, the customization along with the apps ran us over 20,000 USD. This bundle would come with our developers (contacts) who are super reliable and eager to work (except for the mobile app guy :D). This platform is written in Ruby and good Rub devs are hard to find.

Why am I listing this?

I am just looking to see if anyone would be willing to give a proper offer. I created MiddleMan to expand to other fields such as gaming, which is a huge market. I want to keep SWAPD strictly social media/service-related so MiddleMan was the answer to expanding. I realize this is an empty site, but if you look at SWAPD and the concept behind it, you can see that there is potential behind it. Also, just recently someone wanted us to franchise SWAPD out to different countries (France), but we’ve declined. I figured I would play around to see if anyone would be willing to drop offers.

To save everyone time, we won’t consider anything under 5 digits.


I was about to offer $50k but then I saw this

Great domain tho


Was listed at 4000 USD, haggled it down to 680 USD :smiley:

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Not bad. It is a premium domain so the registration probably cost the seller $130. $x,xxx domain tho.

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Would you consider just selling an install (without the domain)

Damn I was interested to

Are you actually selling it tho

Currently have a 20,000 USD offer (or should I say someone considering a 20K offer).
I, however, believe it or not, am not interested at that price. Call me crazy and I know it’s an empty site. But the idea behind it is worth it, the domain is memorable for this niche, mobile app is testes and working great, and the people (devs) who created are included, and everything is on a platter. I am willing to hear further offers.

Due to lack of offers that would make me pleased, I will continue to fool myself and believe that I will ever finish that site. :smiley:

If ure looking for a partner that wont contribute any money hit me up