Monetized Website? Youtube? 270 Posts a Month on 3 Verified FB Pages ($5 a post)

Please disregard my other posts. I’m just going this route because for the price and finding the right person/company, this can certainly end up being a long term relationship.

I am offering this to 4 people…

$1,350 monthly to be paid the 1st of every month via PayPal, in exchange for 3 of the same posts a day, to all 3 pages, totaling 270 posts for that month. Which all boils down to exactly $5 a post. All 3 pages are Verified and have approximately 1.4M fans total (primarily premium).

Here are some stats to look at…

Twitter Stats:


Just please, no nudity and/or political nonsense

Any other questions in the mean time, please feel free to ask. Thanks folks.

What niches are your pages?


Because 2 of the pages are verified athlete pages, it could be multiple because they think it’s coming from him, who is a fan favorite.

Main niche is: Mixed Martial Arts, Street Fighting, etc.

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1 filled. To the top.

The writing is not clear to me , are you looking for people to manage your page ? If yes I can do that pretty well

Im actually looking for anyone interested in renting spots on my pages for their website, to generate additional revenue and/or expand their name/brand.

What type of site do you accept ? I mean niche

Anything besides porn and/or politics.

Okay am scared that the price is too high for me

No problem at all. Best of luck.

To the top. Just a few days from the 1st, which is also the 1st month of the 3rd quarter. Capitalize!