Monetized YouTube channel 8k subscribe - for selling

Amount of subscribers: 8350
Country of subscribers (majority): algeria and morocco ( other countries )
Topic/Niche: Gaming
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic


Channel Created in Jun 7, 2018
Organic Subs NO BOTTED
Subscribers: 8530
Views: 17,895 views
All subscribers are %100 real.
No copyright or community strikes.

I don’t work on them currently
That why no big interaction

100$ right now

Link and price pls

Best offer yet is 300$

The best offer yet is 300$

PM details thx

Ok, i will send youe the url


@ Denki


Can I buy for $20

Will you sell it for $50 ?

Interested to buy. Please PM

is the channel still available? can you take 350$?

Is channel still available PM link

link and price

Link and current best offer please.

Hi, is it still available?

please pm me the link

Is this still available? I’ll buy 300$

Please pm me link and the current best offer

Send me link mate