Monetized Youtube Channel Earning 3000$ / Month - Growing very fast | Music Niche

The channel was created 3 months ago and already gained 28k subs, currently gaining around 500 new subs daily.

Channel can be fully automated ( i can give you full guidance to fully automate this process of new content creation )

Most of the views on there are not monetized, as some of the old videos (before monetization was enabled) were copyirhgted ones, but they are still brining new subs as they went super viral.

the channel is generating around 3.5-4$ per 1000 views, and the content is definitely evergreen as old videos still get views everyday.

I’m not in a rush to sell this, I’m waiting for a buyer which will see potential of this, meanwhile I’ll keep growing the income and subscribers.

Dm me with serious offers only.

As I’ve received many dms asking “Price” - as mentioned in the post I don’t have any specific price, I’m looking out for Best Offer, so please send out your offers instead of asking for Price.


you missed some zero’s sir


Send channel link

Interested! Send through :slight_smile:

Link please

Updated stats, channel gained +7k subs since I started this thread, growth and income is only increasing and gonna keep doing so for a long time imo:)

Current biggest offer I received onsite was 53.500$ , still waiting for better offers - this has way more potential, this channel has real fanbase and royal subs, it’s not just another cashcow channel.