Monthly Video Licensing Service (For Facebook Ad Break Monetization)

Service type: Monthly Video Licensing Service (For Facebook Ad Break Monetization)

Price: $1,000 flat fee per month.

This is a video licensing service ONLY. I do not edit or post videos for you on your Facebook page. I do NOT require any access to your page what so ever. All I require is a link to your Facebook page, your niche & what type of videos you’d be interested in posting on your page. I wasn’t planning on posting this service publicly yet, as I am currently working with 1 client privately on SWAPD (which is going well) and was planning to finish up with this client before posting and advertising this service, however due to 2 major clients of mine off site now having to stop working, as well closing my management service on SWAPD permanently, I am now opening this service early.

How does this service work?
You simply send me the link to your Facebook page, tell me what your niche is and what type of videos you’d like to post on your page (3 examples). I then act on behalf of your page for an entire month and gain relevant permission/copyrights for your page to post and monetise the videos I have licensed. I share you into a google drive which has all details and download links and evidence of permission. Similar to the below screenshots:


Master sheet:

How many videos will I get per month?
This completely depends on the niche, as some are harder to obtain than others. Please PM me your niche for an accurate number, as I won’t be able to do all niches. For example, a viral/comedy niche, you will most likely be looking at a minimum of 30 videos. There will be a MINIMUM of videos you WILL 100% receive within the 30 days for each service, if the minimum videos it not met, you will receive a FULL refund.

Will I OWN the videos you get me?
NO. You will NOT own any of the videos I source for you, however you will be authorised to monetise the videos via ad breaks & post on your Facebook page.

How will I know you have the relevant permission/copyright for me to post them and not get in trouble?
You will have access to a google drive with folders containing all evidence/proof.

Will I need to credit the creator on the video?
Yes. In some way or another, in most cases, you WILL have to credit the creator either in the top comment, in the video copy, or ON the video itself. I will confirm this with each video I source for you.

Should I edit the videos you give me?
YES, YES, & YES. You need to ensure you are (as per Facebook terms & conditions) adding meaningful enhancements (commentary, parody, creative editing, etc.) to each video, to ensure you follow Facebooks ad break policy.

Will I get a violation/removed from ad breaks by using this service?
As I am only sourcing videos for you, and I am providing all relevant permissions.This will not be my responsibility. But, if you follow the above rule and ALWAYS add meaningful enhancements (commentary, parody, creative editing, etc.) to all of your videos then you are following Facebooks own policies & terms.

Can you add meaningful enhancements (commentary, parody, creative editing, etc.) for me?
No. This is only a video licensing service only.

Why do I need to hire you?
Simply put, to save time! Most of us don’t have time to run our business, create original videos, source videos, edit videos etc. By hiring me, you save time and skip the hardest part that most people struggle with - having videos (with the right permission/copyright) to post and monetise on their pages.

Thanks! Feel free to PM me for more details!



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Client update: The first video I supplied for a client here on SWAPD is doing well - just about to hit 2 million views, in a few days!

Screenshot 2020-03-21 at 13.53.53

My monetization is red for the moment, can you help with that or do you have any suggestions because I want to co-operate?

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Hi mate,

Unfortunately I can’t help with the monetization issue at the moment, but if you manage to sort it out - feel free to drop me a message so we can work!

First client on site is nearly at the minimum videos within less than 2 weeks and is on track to have even more videos before month 1 is finished.

Off site client has 37 videos currently and has 2 & half weeks left to go, so we have already over delivered!

Another client on site locked in last night for a trial period.

PM me for more details!

I don’ t think this has been addressed as yet forgive me if it has. What is the length of the license per video. For example lets say i choose to not utilize your service the following the month. Does that mean the licensing agreement for the video now becomes null and void? and i will have to remove all the videos i have gotten permission to license from you?

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Hey @inumel85

Good question! It will last forever on the page you have the license/permission for. However, it will only be for that 1 page for 1 organic post.

You can re-share it on your page / other pages as many times as you want, but the original organic post must have ALL of the credits on it forever. Hope that helps!

Feel free to PM me to discuss more!

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