Most Affordable & High Quality PR Services [Diamond Seller & Most Tickets Closed on SWAPD]

Could you pm me price and lists?



More tickets opened :yawning_face:

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Hey @RyRy

Inbox me price and samples PLease

Thank you in advance

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Please send prices

Closed a ticket and delivered 6 articles

And more tickets opened :yawning_face:

Hit me up and let us out-perform your current PR suppliers :slight_smile:

More articles delivered :ballot_box_with_check:

Another ticket closed.

New outlet has been added, we can now get you featured on:

Daily Caller

More outlets coming soon :slight_smile:

Still taking on orders.

Price list please.

price pls

Replied to everyone who’s inquired.

Price list please

Still taking on orders.

Can you please send your list of Publications? Already have my Personal and Business Verified on all socials but looking for some more PR, if its the right PR. Thanks!

price list pm