Move blue badge

Hello I’m an artist (real) and I already have a verified account but also have a second project and now I want to move the blue badge to the other account (already posts and followers) but no press.

can you help me?

It’s not possible to transfer the verified badge

This is possible; I can help. Feel free to send a DM @videoproduction



If you merge the accounts, one of the accounts will disappear LMAO :joy:

You have a reading comprehension difficulty.

I think he doesn’t need a merge service, he wants to keep both accounts and just transfer the verification badge to the new account.

Correct me if I’m wrong @videoproduction

It wouldn’t be possible. I have that same option too even with my rep it’s not a thing that can be processed.

I am verified on @cats but I don’t want to be verified on @cats anymore let’s transfer the badge to my other account @dogs please. And keep both accounts.

Just not a thing lol.

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Yes, you are right. He is promoting services he can’t deliver as usual.

since im the owner of both accounts and it also clearly shows the same person everywhere (me) would it be possible if i proof it also via my passport ? or is there no way and not any difference. also the spotify profile from the old (verified) has been deleted AND MOVED to a new name.

Merge won’t work in this case, because the verified badge can’t be transferred to another account as stated in Instagram ToS. However, I have another idea to solve your problem. Check your PM.

Just ask somebody to verify the second account with the same stuff you verified your first one. Even if its a business acc they can do it with the owners press etc.


You don’t even have a rep. What are you talking about? You made $127k purchases on site for IG services.

If you have a strong rep why do you use Swapd providers for IG services such as verification, unban etc.? Smart guy :clown_face:

I can’t argue with you on that. It’s truly unimaginable that anyone on here could have a better rep than you. The one and only @GOAT. :trophy:

I would have said impossible but when your in chat nothing is impossible including creating a new feature within Instagram that doesn’t exist. That’s power!

Can I provide you a pre verified account and you transfer that badge to clients brand accounts? I have a great budget. However if it’s $150k to get it done ill have to pass.

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Instead, I can replace the username of your Verified account with the username of your other account


Fake ss