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Service type: Music Production (All Genres and Requests)
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As some of you on here know my main source of income is my music. I am an independent artist that has worked in movies, commercials, tv shows, as well as solo music releases and have worked along side artists that hit billboard top 10.

I prefer not to post my music publically here but i will provide sources on contact.

Some genres i do:

  • EDM/Pop
  • Hip Hop
  • Classical
  • Country

What i can do:

  • Youtube Intro Music
  • Commercials
  • Jingles
  • Write Lyrics
  • Ghost Produce Songs
  • Ghost Write
  • Mix and Master Music
    and pretty much anything you need in regards to music including scoring and more!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I have been in the music industry doing work for 8 years now and have never left a customer unhappy, as well as my millions of streams on my solo releases should tell you that i do take this seriously.


May be interested in this in the near future. But I’m wondering, how do rates work for something like this?


Well it all depends, if it’s a basic intro song it could be as cheap as $50, but someone who wants a full pop song ghost produced, lyrics written, mixed mastered etc. It can get expensive

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