Musician Instagram Verification $3,500 Including Swapd Fees

Musician Instagram Verification Guaranteed!

$2500 Includes Press + Verification.

I have verified over 400 clients offsite and 5 onsite.

Timeline: 1-30 days. Verification usually goes through within 24-72 hours of submission, I give this time frame as a grace period due to a backed up que. If verification doesn’t go through, $2500 is fully refundable & client gets to keep all the press. The verification is done through a Facebook Media Portal / Label partnership.

This is for REAL MUSICIANS, please don’t send me any fake cases - I can tell.



  • Over 3,000 Spotify monthly listeners
  • GKP (Google Knowledge Pannel)
  • Questions answered (will send once client moves forward)
  • 10 Press Articles
  • Client must distribute or redistribute a song through our label partnership, we don’t take any % and the song must stay up with us for 3-6 months.

If client doesn’t meet all requirements, I can help them get all of it done.

get verified through @VERIFICATION

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2K for first time buyers?


Nope, sorry! 3K is already competitive pricing.

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Verified 2 people this week, off site. Who’s going to be my first client? BUMP

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You do fake musician ?



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