Need ig claim @NameSurname

Need a ig claim : username it’s the name and surname of my client - he want claimed into a fresh account you should provide - he have the website domain with the same handle -

NO WAST TIME PLEASE - budget 1200$

Need ticket opened TODAY

The handle he wants is generic but wants non generic pricing

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It’s a NameSurname , not only Name. Since when it’s marked “Generic” ? Lmao

@SMM is the same username that you said one of the top sellers on the site tried for non generic claim and it came back as generic or am I mistaken?

Yes it’s the same you use offsite for making your jobs here , and ?

Since when name/surname it’s marked generic ? It’s a simple question - Give me an exactly data if you have.

Don’t rely on what others say

Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


What’s the username? I can tell you publicly if it’s generic or non-generic.


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Dm me whats the username