Need ig page management for 10 pages

I have 10 ig meme/stat pages I need management for. Who can do this for an affordable price?
Budget :$40 per account per month


We can

I can help Price $850

I believe I’m a good fit for this. I have a perfect team for this + I’m quite experienced with fb / ig growth.

  • alogn with the management, posting well researched / viral content, implementing hashtags / organic growth strategies… I will be promoting your IG’s on my network of 10M+ US based audience fb groups & pages.

How much do you charge just for posting/uploadingcontent
10 accounts


Depends on how many posts you need / day on each account + I’m gonna be creating each post specific for each page (not going to curate / copypaste content)

I’ll be reasonable with you, dm me your account handles and post requirements.

Updated post with budget

I can help

I can do it.

I can do it

I can do it.

I’m interested message me for more info

30$ per account
10 for 280$

10 posts / day or more

I’m interested message me for more info