Need more information about facebook ip violation

Hello how are you all. So facebook is launching new update about page quality. I read in an article that facebook also considers ip violation but they will not mention this in page quality and your may be unpublished because of this violation.
Thats why i am even more interested in knowing exactly what causes facebook ip violation and you can avoid this. thank you in advance.

Never heard about that

i think that had got to do with people who have many ids on their pc and or page and managing multiple pages.

Where did you read about that?

i read about ip violation but what ip violation has to do with is based on my personal opinion. Before replying you above i tried to find that article but i could not find it. But i am sure it a trustworthy source. I am following too many social media brands.

This would be difficult to enforce. Anybody using a VPN (like I do daily) would be at risk.

Could you share for how many ids you are using because of which you think its better to use VPN. And i guess by IP violation you take as changing ip for each id every time you login. Which is different than my concern. But i dont use VPN too.

I just use a VPN on a regular bases. I’m often using public wifi networks so I need to stay secure, but every time I connect to the VPN or change servers I’m on a new IP address. My VPN usage isn’t directly related to being involved in this industry.

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Ip violation actually means intellectual property violation too… check it well

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You’re right. I took that in a different direction! :expressionless:

do you think by ip violation it meant intellectual property violation? because that makes more sense.

Yes it is

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