Need (ongoing) help with Ad Break enabled FB page


Hey Everyone,

I have a 1M follower FB page that’s has Ad Breaks approved, but I don’t have the time to deal with them.

I’m looking for somebody who can assist with the monetization of the page for a cut.

Please PM if interested. Thank you.


P.S. Admins - I wasn’t sure which section this post should go in, hope I got the right one.


Honestly, there is no category for your request. It’s either buyer’s requests or chit chat. Both categories are not listed on the front page so you’re unlikely to receive a lot of attention.


Got it, thanks. If anything comes out of this it’ll be an improvement on the current earnings :sweat_smile:


I’m wondering how this “deal” will be assisted by swapd.
From my personal experience, swapd members are not allowed to communicate outside of this site, even if there is nothing to be sold.


We’ll have to see, for sure. In my experience the staff have always been reasonable.

Also, I’m always happy to share $ (it doesn’t just have to be a % of a page sale) - with those who help me make money - that’s what we’re all here for and that way everybody wins.


good luck man

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