Need to buy non-active stat twitter accounts

Looking for various twitter accounts which are:

  • non active
  • aged (1 year+)
  • tweet count under 10k, like count under 10k
  • 5-10k followers and also 40-100k followers

I have two

One is @breaaast

Ramadan Kareem running I can’t used the account so want to sale it

Hello, I am looking for:

  • 5-10k followers and also 40-100k followers
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No! My mind not like push fake followers etc

Hello sdsvx
I will help you with Twitter verified followers
With your target audience
Check your PM for for more details.
Thank you

Still looking


This is Manish and I am from India, I just wanted to check if you still required Non-Active Stat account on Twitter or you have figured-out already.

If yes, then let me know, I have multiple accounts.
Looking for your positive response.


I have 1k 2014 twitter account non active

I have an existing account that fit in for your requirements
One has only 10 followers the other 1 followers the one with 10 is 1 year 6month while d other is 2 years. Are you will to buy any of those accounts

Hello, I am looking for accounts which are a minimum of 5k followers

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