Need to change Verified Instagram username

Is there anyone around here who can change a verified instagram username? A friend has an account which was verified but would like to change the username to start building up audience. He’s got the permission of the owner.

As we’ve tried to contact instagram’s support multiple times, we never got a reply from them.

If you can help, please PM me with details as how you actually do it.

Please, this needs to be legit as we don’t want to break any of instagram’s policies.


just contact instagram support and ask them to change it for you
worked fine with twitter

Wich name?

What do u mean? I need to change the username. Ex: from @swapd to @whatever. Can you do it.

Did someone call @swapd? :smiley:

Oh, sorry. I was just taking an example to explain to @Blerimzitate what I actually need.
Edit: even the ‘whatever’ user exists. Sorry for spaming your notifications guys.

Hey, I might be able to help, contact me.

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Yo help me out i am verified i want to change my username. But i cant even change it. I get a notification that tells me to go to instagram support

Will twitter change a verified username to whatever u want?

Were u able to change it?