Need Unlock and Unban Verified Tiktok!

i need to unlock, unban and recover my verified accounts.
3 accounts are locked
3 account are hacked
1 account is banned
anyone can help me with this? paying well :v:

Unlisted because of shouting in the title. Please edit your title and remove caps.

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I have the same issue. Did you figure this out ?

help me with this!!!

I can fix these issues:
-Suspicious Login
-Login Expired
-Rate Limit

And I Can Also Provide Services Such As:
-Verified Account Username Change
-Region Change (Non-Verified Accounts Only)
-Account Unbans (Only some situations)

Let me know if any of these apply to your situation and send me a PM so we can get your accounts fixed as soon as possible.

at first @VERIFICATION broski

On it! thanks.

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could someone help me