Networks that monetize Instagran


How do you monetize a large Instagram page? Are there networks that pay you to post as an influencer? Who are the biggest ones?


I’ve seen large Instagram users use
One guy was charging 15k for a post (he had 8.9m followers)


Just wondering, do you have any experience with this site by any chance? Like have you ever sold any advertisements on there? Anyways, thanks, I’ll have to check it out!


You could always try your luck on Fiverr, I’ve gotten a few sales on there before.
Besides that, I recommend shoutcart, I’ve gotten a few sales on there too.


I have personally used this to buy and sell “shoutouts” posts.
Works well but I would suggest you do good research if your buying from an account.

But for selling don’t over do it with the price per post.

Good luck and let me know what you think :wink: