New & curious

anyone in here hip to how people are able to acquire rare handles? i saw a post saying that they have a high success rate in acquiring 3 letter handles legitimately. it’s something i would like to get into myself but i’ve had trouble finding any good info about it online :^ (

If someone is selling their service of acquiring rare handles for a couple of thousands $ - and succeed, that means that it is hard to learn, almost impossible.

You won’t find any information online.

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The gist of things:

The honest resellers basically go “door to door” and reach out to the owners to purchase them directly from them. May be tough and take weeks to acquire something good. But, a nice 3-char @handle could be worth 20-40K, so you really need to make one sale to make it worth your while.

The dishonest resellers use a plethora of various tricks. From contacts inside Instagram, to claimers (soon to be abolished), to tricking (or hacking) the handles.

So, if you’re looking for some kind of insider method, there isn’t any. It’s either hard work or being a conman.