[NEW METHOD] I can change USERNAME and NAME on VERIFIED TIKTOK without losing verification badge (without risk of revert)! | $500 + fees

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grab your verified tiktok under your desired name / username today!

method on fire, also offer

  • username claims
  • unlocks
  • unbans
  • verifications

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I needed to change @ and name of my VERIFIED TIKTOK ACCOUNT.
Unfortunately with the new policies no one could do that. no one except @madej of course.
Username and Name changed in 24 hrs. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :boom: :boom:

Thanks for the help and super support. super recommended!


thank you!!

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Hi, I was recommended by Pitbull. There’s a name on TikTok that I’d like to claim for a client. Currently, the client doesn’t have a tiktok but it looking to claim @/removed by STAFF. Would you be able to help with this?

i think so, dm me!

Vouch for @madej
Anything Tiktok he’s your guy :prince:

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Amazing Unique Service, Successfully Changed a Verified Tiktok name and username for me :crown: :fire:

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