(New Year Sale) 1x 5 Letter .com + 1x Amazon + 1x Cryptos PREMIUM DOMAINS

1st Domain name: AllPW.com
Price: $249 or trade with social accounts/services
Description: 5 letter, readable .com domain bought to build a Password Management cloud service. The domain is read as " All Passwords " and it was acquired to create a cloud service for passwords storage, management and encryption. This industry is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and expected to grow decade after decade. Competitors are LastPass, 1Password, Keepass.

2nd Domain name: AmazonAutomated.com
Price: $199 or trade with social accounts/services
Description: Self explanatory. Amazon Automation and dropshipping stores is one of the hottest niches in the digital marketing and ecommerce space from 2018 and it’s at its peak. There are tens of gurus/ecom guys selling courses, coaching and advisory about this profitable market. This is the best .com domain for this segment.

3rd Domain name: CryptosWolf.com
Price: $399 or trade with social accounts/services
Description: One of the shortest and strongest domains in the crypto space. You know how populas is the word WOLF in the financial niche. I own the .com, I own @cryptoswolf on Twitter and @cryptoswolf on Instagram. I also own a 500 members cryptos community on telegram. CryptosWolf had an active and beautiful advisory website for 4 years. I just let the hosting expire but I have the backup files if you want it back up and running.

PS: to the first buyer I will throw in, as a gift, another 5 letter .com domain: UpRum.com

I’m a junior seller on Swapd but I’m pretty known in the marketing, ecommerce and cryptos space. I have 115k followers on Instagram. I can provide any credentials you might need.

Open to interesting trades.

Have a great day.

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