NFT promotion in one of the biggest twitter accounts (1 client a month)

Service type: NFT promotion in one of the biggest crypto fan account on Twitter!
Price:5,000 + NFT

Description: I am taking only 1 client a month, and since I do not usually do promoted posts on the account, the promotion will be organic.
The first post will start by the account thanking the project for sending an NFT to the account (tag). This is the most organic way to promote the project without losing the audience.
The second post will be about how much (I) believe in the project, and will also include that it has been 2 weeks since it received the NFT!
The third post will be a retweet of one of your posts. (at the end of the month)

Serious people only, and verified OpenSea projects!

Doing RT today (permanent $500, $250 24 hours RT)

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