Niche Jewelry Store and Watches Revenue Store - $ 950,000, now selling for only $ 357,000

Domain name: markmilsen
Website included?: yes
Price: Min 357,000$

We have a team in charge of online marketing. Customer service, replying to messages by mail and social networks is also important. The expenses of shopify apps are 300$ plan included from shopify. The best organization is a person dedicated to marketing and another to mails. Always be attentive to customers and solve any doubts you have.

I’m in the shop buying and selling stores. It led them to bill hundreds of thousands of slates and I sell them so I grow in this business. You can keep this great page that with effort I managed and get the maximum possible potential out of it.


Please, only serious!
*With an Instagram page and a Facebook page

Thank you for posting and GLWS.

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Thanks bro :smiley:


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