No prepayment runner. Natalie Monroe - - Scammer - Ran off not paying a 9000 USD bill after the service was completed

Name: Natalie Monroe (might be a stage name, her ID says KYLIE LEIA PEREZ)
Phone: +17274605777
Email: and
Location: Florida
Instagram #2:
Instagram #3:
Facebook: Redirecting...
Occupation: Porn actress/escort for hire.

Address: 3419 19TH ST E
BRADENTON, FL 34208-0000
DOB: 04-21-1995


This scamming runner set up a no-prepayment ticket worth 9000 USD to get her 2.9M Instagram account unbanned (@nataliemonroe). When the seller delivered, she claimed someone else did this for her and that she won’t pay. After proving to her that she’s lying and she is wrong, she said she will pay. In the end, she didn’t. Now she is on the run, deactivating @nataliemonroe and changing the handle to avoid us.


This person is in the adult entertainment industry. She show’s off her body to make money. What will sting her most? I can tell you. By banning her social media outlets. And I mean ALL of them. We’re currently researching and trying to track down her profiles/OnlyFans/etc. Any help in tracking them down (and banning them) will be appreciated.

We will update this topic once we have more information.


This happened outside SWAPD, I guess?

I smell work to do.


No, it did not. The seller opted for a no-prepayment. There are a lot of imitators of this person online, hard to find her exact social profiles.

Just when things were going well, these problematic tickets are now popping up. And people wonder why we’re so edgy when it comes to new member verification.


I have heard @RandyMarsh is an OnlyFans expert spending most of his net worth on OF subscriptions so he might help.
But jokes aside, very unfortunate and hopefully this can be somehow solved.


@Oh.its.snow, I know it’s a long shot, but this person is quite known, almost 3M fans. Have you ever heard of her?


It’s possible, but can’t be sure. These women wear so much makeup on these accounts, and on her ID it looks like a totally different person, although I see some similarities. However, while comparing, I can say with 70% certainty that it’s her, so I will post the following links as possible sources:

She used to be huge on IG, so I assume her OnlyFans is packing. Time to start posting this story on her profiles, could get some attention.


It seems @1999 is already pulling his weight, we’re now 95% sure the links above are correct.
This is her FB profile: Redirecting...

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Scammers press on how awesome she is:

She’s an “actress” - Check out her gems:



OK. Her IDBM profile photos match that of her ID 100% - All this information in this thread is now 100% confirmed.

Her SWAPD username: @goldandkisses.

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She also goes as Ky Warrens

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Here are some of her gems if anyone feels like doing some “research”: c260d0fbf9b32b31ef09cc8912de72e91429033805-640-480-900-h264 - XVIDEOS.COM

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I don’t think justice can be served on this one, even if you ban all of her accounts she can still make a new one easily, adult traffic is the easiest and cheapest traffic to get, so she would be back pretty quick

I believe she had lots of plastic surgeries performed, as her current FB photos are truly hard to compare to her ID. But the links provided in her profiles lead to older web articles that show the younger version of her, and they match our data. It’s a shame, the surgeon she’s paying butchered her. Doesn’t even look like the same person anymore.

I wonder how quickly this story will get picked up. She has tons of followers, I am sure some of them would love her address/phone number.

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Kylie Leia Perez aka Ky Warrens (personal) (entertainment)

Her husband Demetri Passaris

Brother? Jacob

Brother? Richard


You got access to her accounts? Although I think it would be fair to share her credentials to her “fans” I think legally speaking, it would be very bad for your company as this breaks laws(as far as I know)