No Press IG Verifications Any Niche (Brands Included)

Yes you read it right, I can get you verified without any press on any account.

How it is done:
Through a rep. No Impersonation method or illegitimate method.

What I need:

  • Handle:
  • Email Attached:

That is literally it.

Price: $15,000
TAT 24hr-2 weeks (depending on volume)


Why would anyone pay that much more to have a fraudulent badge done by a “dirty rep”? At that price, might as well get top tier PR


It’s not a fraudulent badge. Do you know how long it takes to get an entrepreneur or brand verified these days??? How much it cost? This is an INSANELY rare opportunity.

The badge would be removed at inspection and press + submission could be acquired for less than 6 figures


You could say that about any media partner selling verification… If you aren’t interested please move along.

Not true. The general qualifications for verification is high tier media coverage and there are literal agency partners that are completely transparent with social media platforms about the fact that they verify clients of theirs.

But yes, I’ll move along. Good luck!


Can you give more info?

It does seem a little sus/shady and biggest worry would be a removal.

For a brand, $15k guaranteed is a conpetitive price.

Interested! send me more info!

Check pm

pmed you :slight_smile:

Is this even still available? I messaged you several times I’m ready to start 2 checkouts.

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