Non-Generic IG Username Claims | $500 (CHEAPEST ON SITE) 100+ Same Day Deliveries

Non-Generic Instagram Username Claims

Requirements for your desired handle:

  • Must be minimum 6 characters
  • Should not be generic (a dictionary single word, even in foreign dictionaries)
  • The account with your desired handle should be inactive, preferably longer than 5 years, or banned
  • Should not be business/brand-oriented

Requirements for your current account/placeholder:

  • Should be a complete and established account (bio, profile picture, posts & followers)
  • Should not be filled with onlyfans/pornographic content
  • Should not be Meta Verified (legacy verified is OK)
  • Should not be a fresh account

TAT is expected to be anywhere from a few minutes (typical) to 2 days maximum. Most of my 100+ deliveries have an average of 2 hrs to claim.

Price: $500 (non-negotiable)

When contacting me…

Please provide the following;

  • Current username/placeholder
  • Desired username


Delivered fast and vouch for this


Personal only?
Can it be a theme page that is set as personal?

You can PM me and I can review it



pm have question

I need your service, dm me