(NOT ABLE TO DELIVER) IG/FB Verification service

Service type: IG and FB Verification (included articles in a reputed media source)
Price: 3k per account (both fb and IG)

Description: Will get your brand or public figure fb and IG accounts verified. We Got access to the media panel.

How much pull do you have at instagram? I tried this and go denied.

A very strong one

Success rate, need articles specifics please?

For brands and public figures it’s 100%

Ok pm examples

So you need to be in reputable media sources so that’s not a lot of pull then. I had clients denied because of that. @Swapd

I mentioned we’ll take care of that. If u got something pleas ego ahead and open a ticket.

How long it will take to complete everything?

If I understand your ad correctly, the 3k is for both IG and FB or is per IG or FB?


7-10 days

This seller is a big waste of time. Closing topic.