[NOT AVAILABLE] Recover Hacked/ Deleted FB Pages

Service type: Recover Hacked/Deleted Pages
Price: Best Offer


Hello Everyone, it’s me Jacob.

If you are looking for someone who can help you recover your Hacked or Deleted FB pages.
I am here for that matter.

I know how horrible and frustrating it felt to lose the pages you’ve been working so hard.
I was in the same shoes.

What are my qualifications?

Few months ago, I lost access to my Facebook Page that I’ve worked for nearly 3 years, someone hacked the page.

With careful work with the Facebook authority. I was able to legally regain my admin rights,
Eventually helped Facebook ban from the Facebook community the individuals who intend to harm admins and users overall.

With my experience, it makes me qualified to do this service for you.

Do I guarantee that I can recover your hacked or deleted pages?

I don’t guarantee anything. Since cases are not made same.
There are so many variables to consider in each case.

However, if all materials provided are factual or truth, chances of recovering the page is ultimately high.

Nevertheless, if the materials provided are a half-truth, or not factually based, chances are slim.

Payments and Offer
I will not ask for any payment unless I can personally assess the situations.
For that, if you need help, kindly PM the following.

Recover Hacked/ Deleted FB Pages

What were you doing when the problem occurred?
What did you expect to happen?
What actually happened?

If you answer these questions truthfully, I will follow up with probable assessment and further questions if needed.

Please note that I reserve the right to reject offers specially on cases with insufficient facts.

Thank you, Jacob. :slight_smile:


All transmissions of messages / files are done thru SWAPD messaging system.
I will not entertain communication outside SWAPD for our safety and security.

Thank you for understanding, Jacob. :slight_smile:

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What with recovering an terminated account?

hi jacob. i have replied the questions you asked.

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Hello @RandyMarsh
Sorry, I think I am not getting it. What do you mean?

Recovering Facebook account that got disabled

I think I can help with that. Please answer the questions above @RandyMarsh so I can assess your situations.

Thank you, I will send you reply from there @trendy2

I want to recovering 13 nos Facebook remove pages by Facebook. Can you reinstall it?.

Hello @Aleem I can help you.
Please send me PM your situation so I can assess and see if what we can do about it.

Looking forward to work with you.

Thank you, Jacob :slight_smile:

after removed the pages Facebook was send me a message.

Do you work with hacked Instagram accounts?

Facebook took down my pages 2 years back. Can you recover them?

I have one more page which is disabled

Hello Everyone,

I am currently working a lot of pages.
Please understand if I can’t reply immediately.

I will surely return to all your inquiries. :slight_smile:

This work is something that must be done with FB Pages Operations carefully
for pages to be reinstated.

This service doesn’t involved any hacking or anything like that.
Thank you for your interest :slight_smile:

I hope to help all of you reinstate your pages :slight_smile:

Please wait for my reply. :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone,

I am sending reply to the order they are received.

If you want to send your inquiry.
Kindly state you case please, it will help me assess your case faster :slight_smile:

Thank you , Jacob :slight_smile:

Please, PM your situations. I can help you as they are also property of Facebook now :slight_smile:

Please PM me your situation :slight_smile:

Hey Jacob,

I have send you a DM, pl check.

Waiting for your reply.


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Hello Everyone,

I am getting a lot of inquiry about this.
Please wait for my response.

I will try to help all of you.
But please know that I don’t guarantee anything, hence all case are different from each other.

Thank you :slight_smile: