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I am offering FREE guest posts on to any willing person. While doesn’t break traffic records (you won’t get any traffic from the domain itself), it ranks on Google incredibly well, including articles. What does get in return? Content. What do you get in return? That depends on what your goals are. I will allow one banner on an article, even if it’s unrelated to the article. Also, one direct (do-follow) link will be allowed.


  • The article has to be at least 350 words long.
  • The article has to be unique, not spun or copied from other sources.
  • It has to be related to social media marketing.
  • It cannot lead to services similar to
  • It cannot be overly promotional.
  • It cannot mislead.
  • It cannot imply that endorses the content of the article.

Nothing blackhat/illegal/software/etc. The article has to be written in English, legibly. Please contact me prior to writing the article for approval.


I would like to do this. I write for

I am interested in writing an article. Please send details.
Thank you.

Had one article submitted, looking for more!

I`m interested, send me the details :slight_smile:

Still looking for articles?

Sorry, not at the moment. Old topic, locking it now.