Often useless thread titles


Hi everyone,

I really love swapd and what it achieved in such a short time. However, as the forum gets more and more busy all these thread titles become redundant and repetitive. We all know its not only about the total pagelikes but rather about the activity level, the countries and about the niche that one operates in, maybe about the budget too. I would really appreciate if the community could start create more meaningful thread titles. In the moment most pages are described as “344k FB fanpage”, “120k FB fanpage” or “250k fb page”…i don’t find this so helpful. At the end the thread title should help the reader determine if the content in the thread is relevant.


Thanks for the feedback. Do you have any ideas on what a better title would be? Including the niche is better than just the network and follow count but not everyone does that.

IMO it’s going to be the people that format their titles and description better that have a better chance of being found by a buyer.


While I can agree, I’m not sure how to control peoples titles other than us moderating them a bit more. For me the biggest thing that I’ve noticed happening is as Shaun says the ones with more information are the ones finding the buyers.

What drives me slightly batty is the guys who have no idea what even range they want for their listing then you spend time look at it and they tell you 5k for a $200 listing and you’ve just wasted 30mins doing some checks.


Unfortunately, I have learned over the years that you can’t force to users to do anything. I literally warn people about things and 10 minutes later they go against what I have said.

I can create a form and force users to fill it out in the way that would describe the property better, but you know what? To some, the word active means 10k reach, and to some, the word active will mean 100k reach. The same with demographics. To a guy from Egypt, social properties with Egyptian followers will be premium, while to someone from Seattle not so much. Thread titles are too short to contain critical data, and even if they could, people would still manipulate their entries to spruce up their listings. There is just no avoiding this, period. Since there is no automated way to scan a property we will have to rely on the input of the sellers, and no matter which way you would approach this, they control the description.


Absolutely, i don’t think the moderators should be responsible for that but rather the community. I think to just raise the issue will already improve it slightly and then over time more people will start to create more meaningful titles. Thanks for your inputs, both of you. Very much appreciated.


We have already discussed the possibility of tagging properties (by moderators), so there is a chance this may get implemented in the future.