OG Insta name 3 letter

Property type: instagram user
Why is it unique?:

  • Price: best offer
  • OG mail: Yes
  • 3 letters, no numbers
  • short term
  • only send name to id verified members
  • starts with a g
  • is an abbreviation for something that is rude to say.

More details please, does it come with the OGE and send the username

Yes comes with OGE.

Send the username plz

Handle please

Handle and price plz

Send handle

Handle pls

Send username please

Only send username to id verified members.


Price? And dm bro

Taking the highest offer.
Pm’ed everyone meeting the requirements

Pmed everyone with the requirements

Still for sale hit me up.

What’s the offer

username ?

Please @ and price

User has been sold. Have an other 3 letter for sale as well.

what else you got? can you pm me please