OG Opensea.io Handles

As you’re all probably aware, NFT’s have been blowing up lately, with big Youtuber’s, public figures, entrepreneurs and celebrities jumping on board, purchasing, collecting and creating their own artwork.

Opensea.io is the main website/marketplace and heart and soul to buy, sell and show off NFT’s. With some digital art being sold for 6 to 7 figures, who doesn’t want a cool name along to show off their work?

I have a big list of original & generic Opensea.io handles and have been collecting them for a few months now. After leaving my off-site contact in the account bios, I’ve managed to sell a few to private investors, individuals with matching socials and NFT fanatics & collectors. So I’m listing them on here temporarily to see if there’s any interest.

Example - opensea.io/username

Accepting any cryptocurrency and best offers for these, and I’ll be helping you with the transfer process if you were to go through with the purchase.

Hit me up :call_me_hand:

Sold one offsite today, hmu

Slight interest but no serious inquiries

If you’re expecting these to be $10-20 usernames then kindly move along

Handle sold for $300, hmu :slight_smile:

Send me these please

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Replied to everyone who’s inquired

Sold one offsite, hmu

Another record sale :exploding_head:

Lots of messages but nobody has pulled through yet.


Sold 4 handles offsite yesterday, hmu :slight_smile:

Sold a name over the last few days. I have 2800+ to choose from :slight_smile:

Another sale offsite, hmu

Sold a bunch offsite over the last few days, hmu

DM me

Still selling.

send handles

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Still selling :slight_smile:

Can you send handles.

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Sold a handle offsite. Hmu :slight_smile: