Old Reaction Mix Youtube Account 138k Subs US 78% 38.4k With Bells. Reaction vids removed by last owner Negotiable

Amount of subscribers: 138k
Country of subscribers (majority): USA
Topic/Niche: Old Reaction Channel/Gaming NBA
Promotion methods used? Organic, cross channel long term build up, reaction videos.

Channel was reactions and content was removed to re-apply to monetize with new content. Old owner removed all content, page owner prior to last confirmed sale of channel. Audience is prime engaged US dominant male. Possible to keep rebranding,
needs content, could work with a lot, videos can get reach if in line with subs, not much time for content but have reached out to a few folks with content ready.

old sub closed channel is here Would Like To sell Aged Reaction Mix Youtube Account 138k Subs US 78% 38.4k With Bells.Negotiable



url thnx.

sent but link is there


Can you send me the link please

sorry been sick to everyone who messaged

PM me… you got my offer and accepted then reposted and kept on looking without updating me?

Been sick, this was the least time consuming thing to do for more alerts. I’ll pm now.

Pm link

link please

This guy has been leveraging offers, accepting them in chat, then trying to repost and shop around… very shady😞 Plus how he got this channel was literally through scheming an old woman and Swapd almost banned him for it. Buyer Beware.


Bro I’ve literally been sick and posted a damn doctors note to you in chat which @admins can see, yah you offered lower than other folks, I did not respond yet not in a rush, you are in a rush.

Your bid has been withdrawn. Way no way dealing with drama during with crisis and while I’m sick and was prepping for tranferwise.

I was considering an offer

lmao accepts it, doesn’t respond when I say start the ticket, then starts leveraging other offers EVEN THOUGH he told me I was the highest offer. Stop trying to take advantage of a woman to get her channel cheap, lose monetization on the account, then try to flip it to some other sucker… makes me sick

I literally talked to last last page owner via text after I wanted to know more about his channel he started and why he sold it, the last page owner is the one who deleted the page videos because it was a reaction channel and a new one was started by the same person.

A porn reaction to a video caused the loss before so check your facts and the old page owner started a new channel while this one was in probation. The last owner before deleted all the content and this has been known all along.

You are talking out of your ass right now.

I have literally been sick with severe asthma issues, on steroids’ to help breathe, hardly on my pc then I see this ■■■■ via my email. I even had the decency to send a screen shot to you while taking the time to respond and go over your offer.

Guy gets angry because people commented on this so he had to reply right away. This asset is growing value daily so he’s clearly upset. IF you just were patient instead of a psycho maybe I would have responded as I was intending to.

Do I have to keep posting more updated notes? This was personal enough and expected more from a buyer whom was thinking about going equity with, insane. Thank GOD I did not.

Yet you were active enough to talk in chats and try to sell it through other listings? Yet were ‘too sick’ to respond to me LMAO how does that make sense?

pm me link please thank you

Is this still available? If so, please send me the link. Thanks.

URL is attached to listing