One-of-a-Kind Domain, Already Monetized - w/ Simple Website


Analytics Acquisition Overview 20180101-20190101.pdf (77.8 KB)
Analytics Audience Overview 20180101-20190101.pdf (78.6 KB)
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This text will be hiddenDomain name:
Website included?: Yes
Price: 2000

Description: Very Motivated Seller - As this domain makes me a minimum of $1,000 monthly, and I put literally zero work into the site except to send people to buy the product and get comissions, It was an easy, one time set-up type of deal for $12K yearly! That amount could easily be increased by someone with time to devote to the domain.

There are NO Trademarks or Patents on the words “Vortex Gravity Bong,” I have checked very completely at and nothing is appearing.

I do not advertise this domain, I do not do anything with it - and still $1K or more every single month.


I received an offer of 10K for the domain. However, I am an individual who believes in giving people who were originally interested an opportunity to purchase. Therefore, I am not asking 10K, but rather 8.5K, if you are interested in at all near that price point please let me know.

To save time I am going to upload all records for the domain for your review. Should you have questions, do not hesitate to ask!


Just wondering, but why would you sell this for only 2,000 if this website makes you 1,000 or more monthly? Or are those not recent earnings?


I‘m interested but also want to know why you’re selling it for just 2k?


@Alpha I own well over 80 domains, my portfolio of 26 domains is worth of 42K without any websites. This is what I do, it may sound crazy to you, but this domain will receive more “action” on a site like this rather than say flippa or sedo or any other site I can sell domains. This isn’t something that I am very interested in building out on a large scale.

So, I will tell you what I typically do with my domains. When I buy them they are already appraised at a minimum of 1K, then I build a website, and either start an affiliate business or use Adsense (people like this much more, as its automated). I get my sites to over $100 monthly minimum on Adsense and then (this is no bullshit) they will sell for 30-40 times their valuation at auction. So for example, I have one now that was officially valued at 8K, do the multiplication, we will be conservative and say 25 times which makes that site worth 200K.

In other words, this domain is just tying up my time and my employees time when I can take this money and use it to promote and sell my 200K site :slight_smile:


If someone wants to pay more they surely can HAHA!!


I would love to see a proof that the site makes you a minimum of $1,000 a month.



I will get that over to you, assuming that you’re interested, yes?


Hi, I am interested - Can you please send a PM with more information (traffic, proof of sales etc.)


I have no idea what you said there, but if you can provide proof that it makes you 1k per month, im interested


Proof of monetization and analytic data has been uploaded to the original listing!

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