One of the Largest PC Gaming Company Pixels/Email contest/ ad space/ sponsors and more


We are giving access to our pixels which is super niche and seasoned for trial and then revenue share/fee/license to use

One is for a large gaming site for one of the largest voip pc companies in world with few mil page views monthly

One seasoned pixel is specific to a pc hardware competition that was run for a large company with over 400k hits in 30 days

The other is ecommerce pixel with 40k revenue in 28 days from same pc company on physical goods

Large PC gaming software/tools site, few mil page visitors each month tens of millions of active pc gamers using our software and tools.

We are open to running promos for indie game companies, mobile app games, pc games etc as well as add space at a set cpm on our website.

We have run large giveaway promotions with large PC companies and grew all of their social channels as well by email contests.

If you are a gamer or also know any pro gamers we also are looking to sponsor other e-sports teams and players and can let you use our twitch which has about 80k now and growing.

Pretty much if you are in the gaming space send me a message!





Id be interested in pricing and more info please :slight_smile:


Send me a pm


Send me a pm