One of the rarest IG handles



Property type: IG handle
Why is it unique?: It is a single character IG handle, there are only 37 possibilities and more than half of them are banned/disabled. Over 7.5M hashtags associated with this username.
$80,000 OBO.

Comes with original email.
Payment options can be discussed but mostly looking for crypto currencies.
Only sending username to those who have verified their identity.


Jesus!! ( AND I’M JEWISH! )

Should be marked premium.



Marked as Premium due to the simple fact that this is so rare. Good luck with sales.


Appreciate you, thank you.


Nice handle heartbreaker.


Name please


pm handle. interested


dm me the handle


Please send handle, Thank.


PM handle thank you!


nice name!



Please send handle,


handle? by the way whatever it is i think 80k are just out of league.


vouch for the brother heart. legit as ■■■■.


Can you pm the handle, please?


Please pm handle


I can’t afford 80k sadly but I’m keen to know what an 80k account looks like, if you don’t mind telling me :blush:


As advertised, its quite literally a single character. This stuff is quite crazy to come by.


Dm me the link / name please


Please provide me the handle, thanks.