One of the rarest one-word fashion @username on Instagram, 26M hashtags



Property type: Instagram handle
Why is it unique?: One word Instagram @username in the fashion niche with 26M hashtags
Price: Discussions starts at $3900

Description: One-word category defining Instagram usernames are the hardest to find. You can acquire one of the most brandable fashion usernames ever with 26 Millions hashtags to build your account in the fashion niche and have an instant credibility.

Considering offers beginning at $3900. Will set up a BIN if a few serious buyers are interested.


Looks like a good username. Marking premium. Good luck with sales!


whats the handle ?


Please send me the handle


handle sent by PM :+1:
thanks for the interest


Thank you very much!


Please send me the handle




Please send me the handle and the current highest offer


Handle and offers




Handle please


PMs sent to everybody.
Easily one of the top 8 Fashion handles you can own. PROBABLY the only one available for sale.
Rare commodity. Open to discussions :+1:


pm plz


Please send me the username and you best price so far.


Hi everyone, a deal is currently pending.
Will let you know in 24 hours if it’s confirm sold or not.




Currently under a ticket. Placing this on hold.

closed #19


SOLD! For more than the seller wanted :slight_smile: Gotta love SWAPD, no? Great handle, one of the best we’ve had on here.