ONLYFANS Promotion 250$ 24h upfront 1 milion people

Service type: Onlyfans 24h promotion
Price: 500$


Your model will be promoted in 82 telegram groups, 90% of groups are 30.000-50.000 subsribers.

Any analytics from previous campaigns?


Would you pls show some metrics from completed campaigns you’ve run?



@lord user made a purchase and invested $250 for 24 hours. His subscription model costs $20 monthly. Within 24 hours, almost 10 subscribers signed up. He reinvested approximately $150-200$ from this initial return.

If these subscribers renew for an additional month, he will earn another $190-200. Additionally, if each subscriber makes purchases totaling $50, this will generate an additional $400-500.

In summary, the potential earnings could be around $700. Considering the initial investment of $250, this represents nearly a 3x return.

For someone this is small results but many factors influence these results, such as timing, look of model, market conditions, subscription price, and active promotions.

In promotions like this really to many factors are included. So dont waste my time if you will cry for 250$! Thanks

Tried his service he is a newbie scammer beware he doesnt use or anything to track and post on dead groups i did not get even 1 Subs from it and ended up wasting my 24 Hours