Open disabled facebook pages


i can open any disabled facebook page as i have media support . i’ll need to have business access so i can contact them . i know it sound like a scam but there’s no other way to contact them . money will be paid after you recieve your page with full control . using swap middleman for transaction .
price : 1000$ . will rise for pages more than 1m likes


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i have one, with almost 2M. But yeah, sounds like scam :confused: … what kind of access do you need?

and what you mean by media support_?


Having media support means you can just send them the link and ask them, through email or even media portal without the need to have access to the page.
Would be careful dealing with this man, especially after he’s asking for business access and not just the page itself.

Good luck with sales tho.


it has to go through official channel to get this done means i have to get business access to be able to send to media support . plus if i’m scamming what would i get from disabled page ,it’s literary worth 0$


We do not allow these services to be sold on swapd any longer and the user has not proven they can even provide the service.

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