Opensea Collection Verification

Testing out a new service. I can verify well performing Open-sea collections through an insider.

Requirements are simple.

Have a trade volume of over 100 ETH.

Price starts at $15k + fees
Time frame: 2-7 days


This is free for 100eth volume just takes abt 2-3 weeks
If you can do it for no volume then sure.


I encourage anyone to try the form first, if they get denied I can send it through.

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@Pitbull if you’re still looking

GLWS :fire:



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any succesfful ticket ?

Opensea will automatically offer project owners verification for projects with over 100 ETH in volume. They publicly announced this recently. What’s the difference in your offering that justifies the cost?

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Can anyone do profiles?

Lol :joy: why will a Project pay you $15k for blue badge they can do themselves once they have 100 ETH traded. OpenSea gives blue badge to accounts that has traded 100Eth automatically.

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If they even reach 100 eth traded lmao
So you Can spend 15k and get it now
Or wait idk how much time and get it for free

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Wow look at Worldstar trying to sell something that’s free for $15k :exploding_head:.

Saying opensea “automatically” verifies all projects that reach 100 ETH in volume is a false statement.

You don’t see these type of opinions on individuals selling Instagram Submissions?

If Users have the proper press and requirements Instagram lets you self submit so verification is free! Right? Not lol, if you read my listing it’s done by an insider. Im not just taking your information and filling out a form. I’ve had several big projects who never heard back from opensea or didn’t get verified get verified by the insider in 1 day.

I’m about to close this service anyways too busy to coordinate this right now.

Also, @Goodness11 maybe you are new to the social media world but why in the world would you spend your hard earned $4,500 to pay someone to submit your Twitter when twitter lets you submit yourself? Some would even say once you fully qualify they just verify the account automatically :exploding_head: save your money