Ordering Youtube Award ,Silver Award in $500 only , Ordered on-site

These awards are Real and with a letter from Yt, These are Earned after reaching criteria decided by Yt (i.e 100k sub for silver and 1M subs for Gold ) .

Service type: Ordering Yt Award
Silver Play Button
Price: 599

Golden Play Button
Price : 1999

Description:I will order YT award (Silver Play ButtonOr Golden Play Button ) with your name and details.
I will just order it from official website with your name and email.

Payment - USDT

Fees on buyer
( Check My other topics for Yt Channels with play buttons unclaimed )


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Received this recently. Came direct from official company. Would buy again.


Thanks for making an order and your valuable feedback

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How long does it take to come?

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Check DM

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Within 4 weeks