Organic Guaranteed Spotify Streams (via Radio Plays!)

The king of streaming is back! :musical_note: :rocket:

I can drive an authentic and organic audience to your desired music through Spotify radio plays, algorithmic playlists & Spotify Release Radar. All streams are based within the USA demographic and are generated through various sources of methods and networks we have access to. You’d be able to validate this and track your progress the entire time through your back-end (Spotify for Artists).

We can cater to most clients and genres, but mainly for Rap, HipHop, Pop & RnB.

$650 per 100k streams
$4750 per 1M streams
$9000 per 2M streams

Payment Options:
All payments must be paid via Bank Wire or USDT, and SWAPD fees must be covered for every transaction (not much, as I am a Diamond member).

We’re the direct suppliers and not reselling, feel free to hit me up for any custom bundles or if you’re on a strict budget, and we may be able to cater to you!

If you’re interested and have any questions, feel free to send me a private message with what you’re interested in purchasing and the music/content you’re trying to promote. :slight_smile:


When you say authentic and organic, are you claiming the streams are 100% real humans choosing to listen to the songs are the plays via bots and just appear real?

All real plays :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll DM you for more info

can you pm case studies/samples? thanks!


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Can you DM me more info and previous work

New music Friday! Few deals locked in off-site, let’s promote your music today.

Pm me info

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Two tickets opened :smiley:

Can you DM me more info and previous work

Please can you DM me with your full service list?

Still offering this

Size isnt an issue, lets get your music heard :smiley: