Original BANKSY painting partnership deal with a major celebrity/influencer

Service type: Account growth
Price: partnership
Description: One of Facebook’s main social change agenda items at the moment is to drive engagement and awareness around the Coronavirus and social distancing / self isolation. We thought we could harness the power of art to drive social distancing awareness and have an original painting by Banksy that we thought we could use as a vehicle to promote this cause by giving away the Banksy as a prize. In a nutshell, we would create a social media conversation around what people are doing to be responsible and socially distance themselves.
We are looking for a very large account/identity to run this in partnership with (5m +). As you may be aware, the value of Banksy paintings are very high, and we therefore believe that this will take off. We have a very large network of contacts in the media industry (Forbes, New York Times, etc) who we would share this campaign with and it will no doubt get a lot of traction for the social good it is creating.
If you or your clients have a very large following, please hit us up. We are only really looking at doing this with one other partner, but if an opportunity arises we may consider more.

Interesting. I have an IG page that is 2m+ if that interests you

You should either offer the painting as a payment to a page owner to share your campaign or just post it from your profile and if the message is clear and the prize exciting, this will take off on it’s own.

Thanks but looking to share the giveaway with a large celebrity account who has a lot of influence in the community which is why we want to do it in partnership. People are just being dumb at the moment and refusing for whatever reason to socially distance themselves from others so the celebrity endorsement is important as followers listen to these guys more than most others. The Banksy prize is worth a substantial amount of money.

Which painting do you have?


A few people have asked so I thought I’d give you a bit more background.

Our goal is to create some social consciousness and awareness about the seriousness of the Coronavirus situation and make a good news story about something that isn’t doom and gloom right now. We have the means and the ability but want the right celebrity partner who has a different kind of influence than we have.

We think anyone would be interested in being part of a good news story, particularly celebrities, who at the moment are being ridiculed for showing us their shitty at home fitness routines. Something like this is much more meaningful. They don’t have to make money from everything and even if they do look at it like that, the $$$ they would make in earned media impressions from a campaign such as ours would be worth it.

We just want to find the right person. We hoped someone here might have a direct contact rather than be another middle man/blocker who also wants to get paid. If that’s not the case that’s fine, but it was worth the shot.

I have a few people I work with in mind, contact me. This’ll be fun.

Cool. Sent you a PM

Is this an actual service or are you just looking for a partnership, because you have conflicting info in your ad.

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It is both. We’re trying to raise awareness of the lack of social distancing in the current Coronavirus pandemic and we’re offering a service to a celebrity who wants to be part of our initiative to join in. You don’t have any categories that properly fit this so we put it here. Please relist it as it is of great social importance.

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Thanks guys. Please let us know if you have any ideas about a suitable partner. Thanks

Swapd is pretty quiet atm. Hope everyone is ok out there. Full lockdowns happening all over the world now :flushed:

Sorry I didn’t realize I was supposed to respond, plus you replied to yourself in the last post so I didn’t get notified. I don’t personally know anyone who I could recommend, sorry! Wish I could help :confused:

No problems. Have had some interesting inquiries already and will make a decision On who to partner with over the weekend!
@doctor123 we sent you a dm

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PS: would be interested in your guys opinions: if you had a choice of doing this with Gary Vee or an account with nearly double the amount of followers on IG, which would you choose? Is the best person the person that generally gets the most comments on one of their posts? This is tough as we just want to spread the message as far and wide as possible, and haven’t found the “ideal” partner just yet. Hit us up if you know of someone and can cut out all the middle men and managers, etc, who want to make a quick buck even in the current situation…

Sounds like you’re waiting until Obama or Trump want’s to advertise it :smiley: Gary Vee is perfect, no need to look any further.


I’m not sure if you’ve dealt with him before but it’s not that easy. Plus he’s losing followers fast atm so not sure if that’s the right fit in the current climate. Obama would be great though. :hugs: