Original Content for IG, FB &YT

Service type: I will create DIYs and/or professional cooking videos for you like on @buzzfeedtasty and @twisted.

Price: 30-60s video: 45$

60-90s video: 65$

90-120s video: 85$

120-180s video: 100$

180-300s video: 150$

Description: I will create an original video either in the diy or cooking/recipe genre including editing (cuts and background music.)

Feel free to message me if you have any questions!


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Not sure if video creation qualifies as a unique service, which this section was meant for. Could we see some examples of your work?


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I would send another two examples, but they are higher than the allowed file size on swapd.

Thank you. I will move this topic over to Services - Other.

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