Over 320k in sales shopify store , verified page, high authority domain

Domain name: horses-store.com
Website included?: high authority domain , shopify store with over 320k in sales, verified facebook page with highly targeted and active followers over 6000, all related other socail account, verified google business listing, virgin email list over 2k subs.
Hello i got a 4 year old shopify store (the site is older was using magento before and i migrate it to shopify) it’s on the animal lovers niche (horses) and had over 320k in since 2015.

it has a very active followers base on Facebook Pinterest Instagram and youtube (the Facebook page is verified with thousands of highly targeted audience)

the main market is Australian, with over 2000 valuable email list (rarely used) the store is now 100% POD with well researched designs and dropshipping with oberlo ans it sells and ship worldwide automatically,

it’s well optimized for seo with few blog posts and it ranks well for some Keywords on Google mainly Google Australia.

any way months ago i let it go to focus on an other bigger project locally and i hate to see it go to waste so i decided to sell it with all it’s relates assets,

if anybody is interested into buying it message me or call to talk further (i Can give limited Access to check it out)

how much, and did u post it somewhere else for sale thnx.

how much you looking for?

can u pm me best offer and what marketing channels u used for this website?

PM me price

hello please send me the handle and price please.ready to buy thanks

Looks like a solid business. GLWS!

Hello, send me your price please.

message more details please