Partnership for Affiliate Marketing - Monetize your TikTok, IG, YouTube Accounts

Service type:If you have TikTok, YouTube, IG accounts in these niches Self-Help, Manifestation, Entrepreneurship, Crypto-NFT, Tech then I have a way to monetize these, we can generate as much as 2000$ each account.
There is no minimum followers requirement but the preference will be given to accounts with followers from Tier 1 countries. (North America, Europe, UK, AUS, NZ etc.)

We will use your acounts for Affiliate Marketing and it will be totally on Partnership basis. Here is the a rough breakdown of how much you can make with this.

The comission structure will totally depend on the the amount of money we make. Here is the the rough idea though.

Revenue between 0 - 500$:- 70% for you 30% for me.

Revenue between 501 - 800$:- 65% for you 35% for me.

Revenue between 801 - 1000$:- 60% for you 40% for me.

Revenue between 1001 - 1500$:- 55% for you 45% for me.

Revenue above 1500$:- 50% for you 50% for me.

You will not have to do anything at all, all the work will be done by me.

The tracking/conversion details will be available to both of us for transparency.

You can be paid via PayPal or Crypto, DM me if you have any inquires.