Payment on hold

Hi Everyone,

I received this notification on my IA app

“We’ve restricted this app for violating the Facebook Platform Policies”.

My payment status is “on hold” now. Can anyone help me about it? How many days FB take to change on hold status? I don’t have fb chat facility on Fb id.

You may not be paid at all if you violated policies.

I don’t think I have violated any policy. Is there any time period in which they change status from ‘on hold’ to pending or paid?

I had this issue too,and i got paid even when my account was disabled.

did you get your payment late or at usual date? and did you status went on “on hold”?

I got the payment on usual date.I dont know if my status changed because the account got disabled but the last time i saw it was on hold.

Lastly, did you face this issue in recent past? I have actually huge payment that is on hold so I am really worried about it

It was June when i had thi issue

Payment ON HOLD was only when I entered wrong the bank details.

You should contact support and he will ask you to give him bank account statement and the correct account details, and next month you’ll receive the money.

Can you say clearer?