People selling Instagram. Can we trust them nowadays?

No shade whatsoever here, just stating the fact that as we all know, SMM is just everywhere and nearly can’t be noticed when they’re professional.
• Topping up followers daily - Steady (Looks awesome and growing on SocialBlade)
• Automated post, spam comments also using SMM
• Faked everything (Engagements, profile visit, and everything) looking flawless.

So what I’d like to open discussion here is, how can we exactly know if we are buying a real followers IG account?

I myself done it, I can make it flawless without any single error to make it well done.
Do we even know how to spot them when statistic isn’t reliable anymore?

Let’s talk.

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I’m usually very diligent about buying pages these days, I’ve made a ton of mistakes and bought trash pages but after doing this awhile I’ve gotten better at spotting legit accounts vs fakes.

After looking at social blade to see if there’s anything weird about the growth of the page I usually stalk the account for a week or so to see the posting pattern (make sure hes not deleting posts that don’t do well and just keep the ones that do) I then I look at who’s liking/commenting on the page and if they’re coming from legit people or if it’s from some telegram group/bots. I usually buy from pages within my niche so I have an idea of how posts should perform analytics wise, I then ask for test post, a certain post that I can test against the analytics of one of the pages that I own. . I also want to see country analytics and make sure Im not buying a completely trash pages…

In the end I think post analytics are the most important and the hardest to fake, so you if you know how a post should perform against other posts within a certain follower count then I think and w.o telegram assistance then I think you can make an informed decision about pricing etc.

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Depending on the price of the account we give a grace period. Simply put it on private and make a post and you’ll see the activity of the actual followers.

In addition to that, as jalonso said, per post analytics are definite the most important and most difficult to fake. From my knowledge, you can’t exactly fake, or at least it is difficult, impressions and reach.

What’s the purchase price limit to obtain grace period?

It is listed in our TOS found here:

Purchases above 5k allow for 24 hour grace periods.


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