Personal FB account disabled!

It seems that FB has disabled my account. Does anyone know what should I do to recover it?

We know that for one, you don’t post questions in the Unique Services section.

Moving topic to ChitChat.

As far as your problem, did you try these links?: Hello... Anyone Recovering Disabled Accounts...? - #2 by JoshJ

Thank you!

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I’ve tried the links but it doesn’t seems to work. It’s like I’m creating a new account.
Anyway, I’ve downloaded all my infos when I got notified about disabling my account. There is any possibility to import them back, if I create a new verified one, fallowing the links to gave it to me?

I don’t think there is, and if those links do not work for you then your chances of getting it back without begging a FB employee are becoming slim.

Thank you!

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