Please delete thanks!

Please delete post. Thank you!


Check inbox

Interested to buy, please check inbox

I replied.

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All revenue that is in screenshots of proper media, adsense and revcontent, is from 3 groups and page?

what is current offer?

Would like to know the current offer aswell

I just posted the site a few minutes ago. I haven’t received an offer yet, only one other person who says they’d like to buy. No price yet.



Give me a good offer.


500 what?

10K ?

I’m sorry - I don’t think I would even entertain anything below 40k. The site doesn’t require full time work to get these numbers, which is a plus.

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Understand, but are too much money for anybody
We can make a deal with admin of swapd to give 10K$ and 30% of revenue every month
All work will be made by me, you just will receive 30% every month

Our friend here sells this super gold domain and you can see by yourself description and you maybe know watchmojo
You has in total 150K fans + website, and want 60K
Maybe you want 100k but need to see the things and the work how it is bro
That’s why I say for 10K and 30%



What you think about this?

About what?