PR and Publication on 350+ Media Sites & Local Channels [Cheapest and 100% Value for Money] on SWAPD

Service type: PRESS RELEASE
Price: $799


I know a lot of people here on SWAPD are trying to get Press Releases on Major News Publications and I know it is not easy. I’ve been there to myself and understood that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. You need good press then you need to start pitching your ideas to the public. Sitting inside a room and watching TV and searching for how to be famous don’t work these days. Even if you get famous like that, the price you pay isn’t small.

Here, in this package I’ll pitch your news along with your image and website link to 350+ news channels around the globe. (I did it for myself and it’s live, DM for more info and I’ll share the 350 PR links that I got for myself)

How does this benefit you?

*There is no such thing called as bad publicity. *
You don’t expect to show up on Forbes or Bloomberg in just a day.
These press releases will show up on Google Search and ‘your name’ or ‘brand identity’ will start appearing on Google Searches. It’s highly effective.

I do have other lists [full feature] as well, that I’ll be updating later.

Feel free to inbox me if you have any questions.



Can you send me list of the 350 sites?

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Please PM sites, thanks!

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PM me site list, thanks!

Pm list please

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